Experts Say that FAT is the key to living longer and that Previous diet advice was WRONG”

FAT is the key to living longer: Previous diet advice was WRONG, say experts

So I never thought i would hear the experts say Fat is the key to living longer. But what do they mean by this does it mean that

you can eat as much fat as you want including the real bad stuff like cream cakes, buisuits, chocolate and pies?  i think not. 

A DIET of “real food” containing plenty of natural fat could be the key to living a long and healthy life.

Families have been told for three decades to cut their risk of heart disease by avoiding fatty foods like meat, cheese and cream.
But now scientists say the advice followed flawed trials – none had involved female patients – and “should never have been introduced”.
There is no direct link between fat intake and death from heart disease, they say.
Writing in the British Medical Journal today, lead researcher Zoe Harcombe says: “If I were in charge of public health policy I would have three words (of advice), eat real food.”
Heart specialists now say eating foods with natural fat such as nuts and fish could actually protect against cardiovascular disease.
They say families should instead shun low-fat foods which are often packed with sugar and partly responsible for a spike in obesity rates.



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