Do You Know What Fats You Can and Should Eat?

Fats You Can—and Should—Eat

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Here’s why information about Fats You Can and Should Eat is important –

After years of experts pushing low fat this and low fat that people think they now have no alternative if they want to stay healty but to go low fat? Not anymore: New research has turned this nutritional bad guy into a must-eat.

Theres no doubt about it Fat has got a bad rap for decades all because scientists assumed bsed on they mininterpretation of a couple of large studies that  said that eating foods containing fat would lead diretctly to obesity and heart disease.  Fatty foods were made out to be the bad guy the one food responsible for raising cholestrol, jamming up those arteries and making us all well fat.

That all sort of made sense, why wouldnt it you eat fat you get fat simple! Your legs and but grow your tummy you pile the weight on.  But Frank Hu, MD  professor of nutrition and epidemiology at the Harvard School of PUglin Health says the low-fat diet backfired.  America and the rest of the devloped worlds obesitiy has now reached an epidemic levels even though our fat intake went down.  so now the experts are getting of the fat is “Mr Evil” bandwaggon and we should to……  To find out more aboutthe fats you can and should eat click here

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